Comfort Care Massage
Bodywork to Revive, Relax and Restore


Welcome to Comfort Care Massage

Comfort Care bodywork promotes inner and outer beauty and deep relaxation for the purpose of restoring and balancing of your physical and spiritual energy.

Please take a moment to explore the pages describing the different Comfort Care massage therapies and services that I offer either at my studio in the Portola area of San Francisco or at your location throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a certified massage therapist offering a fusion of the best East/West massage and bodywork therapies availalble.These therapies include Swedish, energy balancing Shiatsu, Relfexology hand and foot, and gua sha facial massage.

My overriding goal is to provide you with the massage best tailored to your needs. Thanks for visiting this site and may you ever dwell in beauty, bliss, and balance!